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Other Publications


Our Fields

October 2014 saw the launch of 'Our Fields'. This 48-page booklet, sub-titled 'A compilation of memories and experience of land and its use in and around the Hudnalls', is amply illustrated with colour photographs. It tells the stories of 18 patches of land within our two parishes, and of the work of maintaining them. In most cases this means striving to preserve or restore the wildflower-rich sward typical of traditional meadows.

Our Fields is packed with stunning photographs of the magnificent area we all call home, as well as fascinating accounts of some of the individual efforts to care for the environment we share. It is on sale, price £5, at the Village Shop, Brockweir.

Flowers in the Fields

In November 2005, 'Flowers in the Fields' a profusely illustrated 44-page book was published (ISBN 0-9551757-0-4). It sets out the history of the Hudnalls (the centre of PGP operations) and its grasslands, describes the plants and animals in the fields, summarises current management needs, and adds a brief description of grasslands elsewhere in and around the Lower Wye Valley. Copies can be obtained from the Village shop in Brockweir for £5.00. Click here to view sample pages of the book in pdf format (please allow time for the file to load).


The PGP has from the outset produced newsletters two or three times each year.

Each comprises four A4 pages of news and articles produced by members. In addition to informing members about past and forthcoming events, and reporting on our machinery and grassland management operations, members have written about their fields and how they have been used, about farming issues, about items of botanical interest, etc.

All the past Newsletters can be viewed as pdf files - click here to go to a brief description of the contents of each Newsletter and to select the ones you wish to view.


100 Common Flowers of the Hudnalls.

A comprehensive illustrated guide to 100 of the common flowers in and around the Hudnalls.

The essential field guide. £1.

Local Walks

Two leaflets have been produced describing walks around Brockweir and St Briavels taking you into the heart of the Parish grassland areas. Considerable effort has been made to make the walks easy to follow to suit visitors to the area as well as residents. Detailed maps are included with all footpaths and roads shown so that walkers can vary the route if they wish. Simple and comprehensive directions are provided illustrated by points of interest and pictures. Copies are available at the Brockweir Shop, The Castle, Pubs and various other venues for the modest price of £1.

'How To' Guides

We have also produced five 'How To' Guides on particular aspects of grassland management.

These were compiled by a member from various management handbooks as summaries that set out the key points. Click on the titles below to see each in pdf format. The pdf files are presented as two double pages to enable printing both sides of a single A4 sheet, then folded into an A5 booklet. If reading on the screen the A5 pages read 4 and 1, then 2 and 3.


We also featured in an illustrated Peter Marren article in The Independent magazine in June 2005 under the title "Fields of Dreams".

A comprehensive account of local grasslands and the history of the PGP published in British Wildlife in June 2006. "Flowers in the fields: community conservation in the Lower Wye, by George Peterken and Stephanie J.Tyler, British Wildlife, Vol. 17(5), 313-321.

Related Publications

There is an immense literature on grasslands and their management in books and specialised farming and ecological publications, but this would be well outside the interest of most field owners. The only books for a general readership seem to be out-of-print. In fact, the PGP's own booklet seems as good as any for summarising the history, biology, ecology, sociology and management of native grasslands.Various agencies produce leaflets on aspects of grassland ecology and management. The following are available from the PGP:

Available from the Grazing Animals Project (GAP). Free of charge through the GAP Office E-mail: or download from the Publications section on

Also available: